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Women's Popcorn Ponchos - Mixed Colors

$31.95 USD $39.95 USD
Blue Mix
Copper Mix
Daylight Mix
Desert Mix
Earth Sky Mix
Gem Mix
Mauve Mix
Mint Mix
Opal Mix
Plum Mix
Royal Purple
Turquoise Mix
Neptune Mix

🔎How to Wear a Women's Popcorn Poncho 

Cheppu From Himalaya popcorn mixed color ponchos are one size hand loomed rayon accessory. A Fair Trade Federation member product. Approx 17″x 33″ + fringe

  • One size, approximately 17” x 33” plus fringe
  • Hand woven, hand made
  • 100% rayon
  • A flattering garment that doesn’t cling, but elegantly flows
  • Versatility – can be worn at least 6 different ways (see our “How to wear a Shrug” photo collage), and create your own styles.
  • Terrific compact travel accessory (never wrinkles) to add a little warmth or dress up an outfit
  • Great gifts – colors for everyone
  • Made in Nepal by Fair Trade Federation member