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Fair trade fashions from nepal


Fair Trade Federation Member NepalWe were founded on the principle that treating our craftspeople well, and giving back to the local community, ensures the integrity of our products from raw materials to manufacturing, to you. Our artisans produce beautiful hand-loomed Women's ponchos, wraps, and shawls in Nepal at fair living wages and healthy work environments. We sell them at affordable prices, and then reinvest a portion of the profits back into local community programs. We are a committed member in good standing of the Fair Trade Federation.



Spirit of Nepal is dedicated to supporting a broader world view through exchange between cultures. We offer fair living wages and a healthy working environment to our artisans and encourage the traditional crafts of Nepal.  We support community based economic development and educational sponsorships.














In 1972 the Roof of the World was a magical Kingdom and captured the heart of our founder Christine Kolisch. Her love of the local people and the magic of the Himalayas kept her in Nepal for 13 years. Eventually returning to California in 1985, Christine keeps her close connection with the Nepalese people by designing ethical clothing while working on projects to provide opportunities in the local community. 



Fair Trade Fashions from Nepal
We provide sponsorships for many students in need. To date, we have sponsored 48 young Nepalese, ranging from Kindergarten through University, on scholarship programs throughout the country. Our students have become nurses, engineers, chartered accountants, computer technicians, and business professionals. We directly fund education as well as establishing direct relationships between students and their Western sponsors.


Eight years ago, we were approached by a small group of  Newari women to help them set up microcredit.  They were interested in shifting from conventional to organic farming.  Within 2 years it was self-sustaining.  We now have 75 women involved, engaged in businesses such as mushroom farming, vegetable growing, chicken and duck enterprises, tailoring businesses, butcher shops, tea shops, restaurants, and piggeries to name a few. 


When the huge earthquake hit Nepal in 2015, within a week we helped to found We Help Nepal, all of us volunteers. We raised money to support immediate earthquake relief and rebuilding efforts rooted in a philosophy of relief to self-reliance, disaster to sustainable development.

We Help Nepal’s goals have been to raise funds for earthquake recovery based on mutual trust, financial transparency, and full accountability. We used our decades of experience in Nepal to empower grassroots relief organizations that build up a long-term network of self-reliance.

To date, we have funded over 100 grants that have provided food delivery, solar power, clean drinking water, dental clinics, medical treatment, mud brick housing, garbage recycling, and computer facilities in remote mountain schools.


WeHelpNepal Earthquake Relief Nepal